Supportive Methods
  • Funding

    According to the performance, the projects will receive funding support from CSC Foundation, categorized in 3 levels according to different situations:

    1.Regular Projects
    • Level
      Project Bonus
      Project Type
    • Level 1
      1,000-10,000 USD
      New projects designed by new developers
    • Level 1
      10,000-50,000 USD
      Developers with certain project experience and innovations in DApp technology and content
    • Level 1
      50,000-100,000 USD
      Developers with mature project experience and excellent innovations in DApp technology and content
    2.Projects with Strategic Cooperation
    Receive at least 200,000 USD of funding support in the name of CoinEx Smart Chain
  • Funding + Publicity

    We will select high-quality projects amongst those that have already received our funding support, and further support them with the publicity resources. The arrangements are as follows:

    • Type
      Project Category
      Our Support
    • A
      (Lending, EVM, Dex, Assets, Cross-chain, Derivations, Yield Aggregator)
      CSC will provide with a batch of liquidity funding plus media support
    • B
      Fundamental Facilities
      (Dev tools, Wallets, Mining Pools etc)
      CSC will provide with media support, publicity via official channels and SNS promotional support
  • Funding + Publicity + Ecology

    All-round ecological support will be provided to the mature and quality projects, aside from funding and publicity support:

    • Funding
    • Media
    • Community
    • Brand Reveal on Official Website
    • Priority Listing on Exchange (Issuance project): Fast Listing + Low/Zero Fees
    • Liquidity Mining Support (AMM)
    • Funds from ViaBTC Capital
    • ......