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CSC Year In Review—2021
2021-12-31 10:41:19



The year 2021 witnesses the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite some bad news that popped up every now and then, the blockchain space showed renewed vigor. From the NFT boom to the frenzy of chain games, from the metaverse through Web 3.0 to new concepts such as DAOs, we seem to be surrounded by hot spots while busily chasing the hot spot.


It is a year full of significance and challenges for CSC. Born on June 30, 2021 with a vision of “being the infrastructure of the blockchain”, CSC has made steady progress with solid efforts and yielded remarkable results in 2021.


This article is a review of the development of the CSC ecosystem in the past six months.


About CSC

Created by the CoinEx team, CSC is a hard-forked chain that uses the Go Ethereum (Geth) protocol of Ethereum. The DApps and tokens built in CSC are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making this public chain much outperform Ethereum and seamlessly compatible with Ethereum. Its advantages include:


1. Full support for EVM.

2. High performance. On CSC, blocks are generated within seconds, and the transfer fee is less than 0.01USDT.

3. Ecosystem support: The $10 million funds support led by the CSC Foundation is able to provide financing services, listing support and media promotion for the project.


CSC Technology Review

At present, CSC mainly provides infrastructure services for developers and ecosystem users. There will be more services for developer tools in the days to come.


1. Release the CoinEx Smart Chain mainnet and blockchain explorer.

2. Launch cross-chain bridge products that support Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and charge no transaction fees for cross-chain exchange of assets from other chains to CSC.

3. Optimize explorer functionsEnable the explorer to support CRC721 NFT tokens, verify contracts, and provide various data summary statistics on the chain.


Review of onchain data of CSC

CSC boasts evident advantages in terms of transfer speed and transaction fees.

Average block generation time: 3 seconds

Average transaction fee: $0.003

Total number of CRC20 tokens on the chain: 361

Total number of contracts: 3,743

Number of active nodes: 66

*The above data was as of 8:00 on December 27 (UTC)


Review of CSC operation

In 2021, CSC has developed its ecosystem mainly in the following aspects:

1. 10,000+ new users to the CSC global community.

2. Multiple rounds of CET airdrops in communities and AMAs to reward our user.

3. The CSC Global Hackathon Grants received applications from a total of 13 projects and more than 1,900 community votes as well as a total of 69,000+ CET in the form of community bonus contributions.

4. Thanks to the Multi-Million Dollar Supportive Plan and the $5 million Special Funding Support for Metaverse Ecology, we received applications from over 100 projects.

5. The CSC Pioneer Program recruited nearly 30 CSC Pioneers who have made important contributions to the development of CSC and the growth of the community.


Review of projects in the CSC ecosystem 

2021 marks the first year of CSC as well as the first year of its ecosystem expansion. Driven by the support plan, CSC Pioneers and hackathon grants, the CSC ecosystem is gradually developing. Below is a summary of part of the projects on CSC. 


DeFi projects

OneSwapThe first multi-chain DEX in the CSC ecosystem, supporting four public chains, i.e. CSC, BSC, TRX, and ETH.

IFPool: The first mining pool pledge product in the CSC ecosystem, which can provide users with an annualized CET income of about 6%.

WaterLoan: The first lending and borrowing product on CSC, which currently supports the lend and borrow of assets such as CET, USDC (CSC Pegged), USDT (CSC Pegged), IFT, ONES, WAT, etc.

IFSwap: An open AMM protocol on CSC, which supports Swap, Pool and Farm functions. It will launch IFO (Initial Farm Offering) in the future.

GemGard Finance: A comprehensive DEX that distributes 80% of the platform revenue to users as dividends, a source of passive income.

Dyor Audit: The first LaunchPad on CSC. It will launch a DEX later to provide both financing and trading services for projects.


NFT and games

Mini UtopiaAn NFT marketplace on CSC.

Omega Club: An NFT card game related to real-world team competitions.

CoinEx Gem: An NFT marketplace and lottery pool platform.


Basic tools

ViaWallet: A self-developed multi-chain wallet under CoinEx, which supports the storage of assets on CSC and DApp access.

Smash Cash: A payment tool that allows users to transfer CET anonymously.


Other tools include IFTbot, Follow Me, etc. With these tools, users can airdrop tokens to liven up the community. At the same time, MathWallet also supports the storage of CET assets.


In addition to the above projects that have been launched, there are also many under deployment, such as Chimpy Swap, Sugar Swap, Nafter, Bytrblock, CoinMill, Silverswap, CryptoBank, Digital Verse, DramaBase, etc. In the near future, more projects are about to launch and provide better enjoyment for CSC users.


Despite the sluggish economy around the world, CSC manages to grow steadily at its own pace in the market competition, and strives to provide better support and services for more projects and users. CSC’s efforts to build an infrastructure for blockchain, an opener financial environment and a better blockchain future bear witness to its slogan — “born for open finance”. It is foreseeable that the CSC ecosystem will usher in vigorous development in the coming year. 


We look forward to more users, developers, and pioneers to join CSC and work with us for a better future of blockchain.


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