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Cross-chain Bridge Online: Supporting BSC & Ethereum Bridges on CSC
2021-12-24 17:38:51


Created for De-Fi by the CoinEx team, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and high-efficiency public chain that is committed to becoming a new generation of blockchain financial infrastructure. CSC is perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, extremely high efficient with low transaction fees, and permission-free for block proposers.


As the blockchain ecosystem thrives continuously, the issuance of native tokens on various public chains are increasing at the same time. Inevitably, the demand of Cross-chain Bridge is growing among the blockchain users in order to efficiently swap assets. To further expand CSC ecosystem, facilitate cross-chain transactions, and bring a better experience for all users, CSC Bridge is launched.


Self-developed by CoinEx and officially endorsed by CSC Official, CSC Bridge has unique advantages in safety and reliability. So far, the following cross-chain assets are supported on CSC Bridge:

Ethereum: ETH, USDT_ERC20, USDC_ERC20



In the future, CSC Bridge will be dedicated to supporting more cross-chain assets for global users and allowing efficient transactions between CSC and other networks, so as to inject vitality to the development of blockchain ecosystem.


Click for a quick experience of Cross-Chain Transaction: CoinEx Smart Chain(CSC)Bridge


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