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CSC Global Hackathon Grants Round 1 —$300,000 Prize Pool
2021-09-13 18:30:02


The CSC Global Hackathon is jointly organized by the CoinEx team and ViaBTC Capital. Round 1 is open on the DoraHacks developer platform Hackerlink.io for global developers.


CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and high-efficiency public chain created by the CoinEx public chain team for decentralized finance. Committed to growing into the next generation of blockchain financial infrastructure, CSC is characterized with full compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem, high efficiency, negligible gas fees, and permission-less staking for being a validator.


ViaBTC Capital is a wholly-owned investment brand under ViaBTC Group, focusing on investing in DApps with Web3.0, Layer2 and DeFi, NFT or DAO elements. Relying on ViaBTC Group’s cutting-edge industry advantages, solid technical capabilities and abundant industry resources, ViaBTC Capital aims to become one of the most favored capital for start-ups and innovative facilities in the blockchain world.


This time, CSC has prepared a total prize pool of $300,000 for the hackathon, including $100,000 for the initial prize and $200,000 for the ballot bonus. In addition, ViaBTC Capital has raised a seed fund to help high-quality projects further develop in the CoinEx Smart Chain ecosystem. The focus of the hackathon is a trial run for developers to create DeFi applications, NFT games, metaverse, and other next-generation blockchain game products, and build Web 3 tech stack projects on CSC. We warmly welcome all application based on EVM contracts to immigrate  or teams with potential interest to develop on CSC .Please check out the idea list for the Hackathon: (Github Link:  )


During the whole hackathon, CSC will hold various activities relative to the applied projects such as AMA, press reports, and interactive marketing to help applicants gain more prize and attract community attention. In the meantime, the CSC team will also provide maximum technical support in development!


CSC has prepared:

1. A $300,000 prize pool: including $100,000 initial prize and $200,000 ballot bonus

2. ViaBTC Capital’s Seed Fund: ViaBTC will pay full attention to the development progress, and provide seed round investment funds for promising projects

3. The CSC Foundation’s strategic investment: strategic investments starting at $200,000 for each promising project

4. The jury: we invite judges from well-known foundations and companies in the industry, and they will also bring huge investment opportunities to your projects

5. Technical support: we will support you to develop your projects on CSC, and provide guidance throughout the process

6. Publicity support: each applied project will get various forms of publicity within the CoinEx ecosystem, including AMA events, press reports, Twitter interaction, etc.; meanwhile DoraHacks will make exquisite posters for each participating project, and invite participants to the Bilibili, Youtube, and Mars Finance live broadcast room to display the project!

7. Potential opportunities for free listing on CoinEx Exchange


Our Judges

CSC has also invited several judges, including pioneers, technical specialists, scholars and professional investors in blockchain industry to evaluate and vote for projects through the whole process.

They are CoinEx’s founder Haipo Yang, "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver, PeckShield’s CEO & Founder Xuxian Jiang, TokenInsight’s CEO Wayne Zhao, Warren Fang of ArkStream Capital, Kenny of HappyBlock, EverFinance’s founder Wei Xiong, Nikita Ovchinnik of 1Inch and Forest Bai of Foresight Ventures.

They will also find investing opportunities for their favored projects.



Registration Period: Starting on September 15

Project Submission: September 15 - 16:00 December 12 (UTC)

Project Voting: 00:00 September 15 - 16:00 December 12 (UTC)

Grace Period: December 12 - December 15


What projects are accepted by the Grant?

All projects based on EVM contracts or aiming to develop applications on CSC are welcome to apply for the Grant. We warmly welcome projects including but not limited to the following categories: DEX, lending products, yield aggregator, DEX aggregator, synthetic assets, insurance, stablecoin, NFT, games, etc. Please check out the detailed idea list:



We cordially invite all CSC ecosystem developer teams, public chain developer teams, and all blockchain developers, experienced or new, interested in CSC to apply for the Grant.


How to apply for the Grant?

1. Before application, please make sure your wallet is connected to the CSC mainnet. For the Metamask configuration, please refer to:


The configuration information is as follows:

rpc: https://rpc.coinex.net

chainID: 52

symbol: CET

explorer: https://www.coinex.net

2. Log in to hackerlink.io and click on CSC Global Hackathon Grants Round 1 to apply (new users need to register an account first).

3. To avoid fake projects participating in the event and sharing the prize pool, please contact DoraHacks on Telegram (@hackerlinkofficial) to verify the authenticity of the project

4. During the hackathon, we will conduct multiple rounds of project demos. Projects uploaded earlier will gain more attention and exposure and attract more votes and funding opportunities.

5. After the Grant Round, a 72-hour Grace Period is held to prevent Sybil-attacks and announce the voting results. During the period, project teams need to contact HackerLink to confirm the authenticity of each project. Upon completion, the donation from the community and the sponsor's prize pool distributed can be withdrawn.


Prize Pool Constitution

Every vote will make a difference to the distribution of the final funding. And the award for the applied project consists of three parts:

1. Individual donation: the community users will vote for the Hacker projects they are interested in and consider as potential. There is no limit to the number of votes, and the priize will be donated to the voted project after the event.

2. $100,000 initial prize pool: the initial prize pool will be distributed to each project according to the popularity of the project.

3. $200,000 ballot bonus pool: the ballot bonus pool will be distributed to each project according to the judges' votes.


Related Information about CSC

CoinEx Smart Chain website: https://www.coinex.org 

GitHub: https://github.com/coinex-smart-chain 

Developer documentation: https://docs.coinex.org/#/ 

Test coin faucet: https://testnet.coinex.net/faucet 

Apply for CSC’s 10 Million Dollar Support Plan: https://www.coinex.org/million_dollar_plan 

Idea list: https://github.com/coinex-smart-chain/csc-global-hackathon 

Telegram: https://t.me/CoinExChain  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinEx_CSC  


Get ready? Let’s go!