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Announcement on Releasing CoinEx Smart Chain Mainnet
2021-06-30 15:32:27

Dear CoinEx users:


We are thrilled to announce to all community members and ecological partners that after thorough testing and rigorous verification by our dev team, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Mainnet will be officially released to the public on June 30, 2021 (UTC)!


What’s more, our Multi-Million Dollar Ecological Support Plan on CSC has also been activated, where potential newbie developers are encouraged to apply for CSC Seed Fund and create their own DApps on CSC; Also, we welcome projects with mature development experience on other chains to migrate their projects to CSC. View details HERE.


Created by CoinEx Public Chain Team and tailor-made for decentralized financing, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and efficient public chain, featuring the following characteristics:

1. Full compatibility with Ethereum ecosystem: Built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), CSC makes it simple for the developers to migrate DApps to CSC using mature development tools, and guarantees easy access to CSC network for all users.

2. Extremely high efficiency and low transaction fees: CSC adopts POS consensus protocol to achieve block generation times in seconds, and maintains low transaction fees on support of extremely high TPS.

3. Permission-free validators: CSC supports a maximum capacity of up to 101 validators simultaneously, which are sorted and selected by their CET staking, completely free of permission, making the network more decentralized.


After CSC Mainnet is released, the arrangement for the original Dex chain and its on-chain tokens are as follows:


1. The services on DEX Chain will be terminated at 00:00 on July 7 (UTC). For users who still have assets on the chain, please withdraw these assets and have them transferred to CoinEx exchange as soon as possible. After the service termination, a snapshot will be taken on the following assets: CET, IFT , DAC, FXT, ZJL.

2. By binding the on-chain addresses to the CoinEx account, users can retrieve their original DEX chain token assets after the snapshot.

3. After CSC Mainnet is released, users can get CRC20 version of tokens by making withdrawal requests.


CoinEx is committed to making our contribution to the infrastructure of the blockchain world, and the launch of CSC Mainnet sets a new milestone. We welcome blockchain users to join our new decentralized ecology, and look forward to the upcoming cooperation.


Official website: www.coinex.org

Mainnet Explorer: www.coinex.net

Testnet Explorer: testnet.coinex.net

Supported by: ViaWallet, Metamask (For more configurations, please refer to CSC Developer's Docs)


CoinEx Smart Chain Team

Jun 30, 2021