Why Choose CSC
Full EVM Compatibility
DApps on Ethereum can be directly migrated to CSC
Permission-free and More Decentralized
Support up to 101 nodes based on the ranking of staked CET
High Performance With Low Fees
Secondly block generating time with extremely low transaction fees
Easy Access to CSC
I'm a Developer
Create and deploy your own DApps on CSC in 3 steps.
Connect to Testnet
Compile and Run
Debug and Release DApp
I'm a User
Take part in any DeFi projects in 3 steps by setting up your account and exploring more features.
Get Your Wallet
Make a Deposit
Explore CSC Projects
CoinEx Smart Chain Foundation
Designed for CSC Ecological Construction
With the release of CSC Ecological Supportive Plan by CoinEx Smart Chain Foundation, we encourage developers to create their own DApps on CSC and guarantee multi-dimensional support in funding, tech, market and other resources for quality projects.
CSC Pioneer Ambassador

Become a part of CSC ecosystem, build communities with CSC, share technologies, recommend projects, and enjoy ecological incentives.

Cross-Chain Bridge

Committed to constructing excellent public chain infrastructures, CSC is now launching Cross-chain Bridge, allowing safe and fast asset swaps between CSC Mainnet and another.

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