CoinEx Chain

CoinEx Chain

A public chain built for the decentralized exchange

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In control of your own private keys; asset security 100% guaranteed

Your assets will be in your own wallet throughout the transaction process, and you only need to verify your signature with private key when placing or canceling an order. Users are not required to trust CoinEx DEX (a CoinEx Chain-based decentralized exchange), because CoinEx DEX neither hosts or transfers user assets, nor saves users’ private keys - and rather, it only provides efficient and stable wallet and transaction services.

Blocks generated in seconds and transactions confirmed instantly

The POS consensus mechanism adopted ensures transaction confirmation within seconds; Placing/cancelling orders and trade matching are executed instantly and all user operations are recorded in sequence to rule out rollback possibilities.

Assets, orders on chain with full data transparency

User operations are accurately recorded on chain in chronological order with full transparency. All operations and account addresses are traceable and positions and transaction data are crystal clear.

Highly-performing trading process and extremely low transaction fees

The CoinEx Chain provides standardized procedures for all operations which makes the resources consumed at each step predictable. Therefore, CoinEx Chain supports a processing capacity of up to 10,000+ transactions per second. (Comparably, only a few or dozens transactions can be processed per second in BTC or ETH network.) In addition, CoinEx Chain only charges a very small amount of CET as transaction fees for each operation (such as asset transfer, order placing, cancellation), and does not charge on the executed transaction amount.

Multi-platform clients with superb user experience

Wallet services on multiple platforms including: Web, PC, Mobile devices and professional blockchain explorers will be supported for CoinEx Chain. Users can easily create a secured wallet, place orders to trade, and browse market quotes and depth. CoinEx Foundation will assist us to work closely with more developers to explore more practical applications in the future.

Professional blockchain R&D team; completely open source code

CoinEx's blockchain R&D team is made up of seasoned developers who are devoted to the long-term fundamental development of CoinEx Chain. Codes of all projects including the main net, blockchain explorer, official wallet services will be open sourced in the future to the community for collaborative development.

Smart contracts and open public chain ecosystem

CoinEx Chain's main net is a public chain built for the decentralized exchange. It sacrifices some diversity of functionality but will achieve higher performance instead. Looking forward, CoinEx Chain will be able to support smart contracts with more diversified features via side chains and connect to mainstream public chains via cross chains. CoinEx Chain aims to build a fully open and decentralized ecosystem and to be a better public chain.

- Born for financial liberalization -