What is CoinEx DEX?

CoinEx DEX is a public chain based on the Tendermint consensus protocol for decentralized trading. On it, you can send and receive CET tokens, issue new tokens and conduct additional issuance, burning, locking, unlocking, etc. Also, create trading pairs, place orders, query transaction history and campaign to become validators are supported.

Why CoinEx DEX?

CoinEx DEX

One-click token issuance, no permission required.

Different from traditional token issuance through smart contracts, CoinEx Chain has a built-in module to make issuance more efficient and safe. You can issue tokens without permission and create the token-related trading pairs, thus eliminating the long review process and high issuance fees for ICO and centralized exchanges.

In control of your private key, assets security guaranteed.

Throughout the transaction process, your assets are kept in your own wallet, and the signature is verified by your private key only when the order is cancelled. You don't need to trust CoinEx DEX (a decentralized exchange based on CoinEx Chain), because CoinEx DEX neither hosts or transfers users' assets, nor does it save their private keys. What CoinEx DEX provides is the efficient, stable wallet and trading services.

Blocks generated in seconds, transactions confirmed instantly.

By using the POS consensus mechanism, the block confirmation speed can be achieved in seconds. Users can instantly complete order placing, cancellation and trade matching, and there is no possibility of rollback when all operations are recorded in sequence.

Assets and orders are all on-chain, everything is transparent.

All the users' operations are accurately recorded into the on-chain ledger in chronological order, and the records are open and transparent. All operations are traceable, all account addresses can be queried, positions and transactions data are clear at a glance.

High trading performance, low transaction fee.

Every operation on CoinEx Chain is standardized, and the resources consumed by each operation are predictable. That's why CoinEx Chain can achieve up to tens of thousands of transactions per second (For your reference, BTC: A few transactions per second; ETH: Dozens of transactions per second). In addition, CoinEx Chain only charges a small amount of CET as a transaction fee for each operation (e.g. transfer, order placing and cancellation).

Multiple client sides, excellent user experience.

CoinEx Team will provide CoinEx Chain with professional block explorer and wallet on the web, desktop, and mobile side. Users can easily create secure wallets, place orders, and view market conditions as well as depth. In the future, we will also conduct in-depth cooperation with more developers under the help of the CoinEx Foundation to jointly build more rich and practical applications.